• Ashley Margaret Beardsley

TWD: Honey-Nut Nougat

Since the semester ended, I've baked something almost daily in preparation for my holiday party. One of the tasty treats on the table was this honey-nut nougat. It looks rather unappetizing here, but I can't get enough of it.

I wasn't intimidated by making this candy. After I successfully made the chocolate-covered toffee breakups in October for the rewind, I thought nougat couldn't be THAT hard. For this nougat, you whip up some egg whites while cooking sugar, water, and honey to 300°. The bubbling honey is whipped into the the egg whites and add-ins are folded in. I added cranberries and toasted almonds to the nougat.

The downside is my nougat does not look pretty at all. It lost its height and didn't achieve the pale color Dorie's has. Perhaps the height is because I decided not to use rice paper. I was strapped for time at the end of the semester and gave it a go without. I'll have to try the rice paper next time and see if retains its height. I'm attributing the color to the raw honey--it's a bit darker than the standard honey.

Despite looking a bit frumpy, my party guests and I enjoyed this nutty treat.

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