• Ashley Margaret Beardsley

TWD: Green Tea Sablés

I've been making a lot of cookies lately. When we were told we have to stay home, I decided I would make it my quarantine goal to perfect my vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe. I thought I'd be cookied out by now, but these Green Tea Sablés were a pleasant surprise.

I decided to make a half batch because I'm running out of freezer space and my husband and I can only eat so many cookies. The recipe says it makes about 40 cookies, so 20 was way more manageable for us (though I think I ate most of them myself).

These cookies were extremely easy to make vegan since the only thing I had to replace was the butter. I swapped it out for earth balance and the dough came together nicely. The other adjustment I made was the tea. I have a variety of tea in the house at any given time, but I'm not a huge fan of standard green tea. The green tea exception: matcha. I substituted the green tea leaves for matcha. I didn't adjust the amount because I like a heavy matcha taste, but if you're going this route and are a bit unsure, you could decrease it by 1/4 tsp or so.

The instructions tell you to roll the cookies into a solid log and that you'll be able feel if there are any hollow spots. I've tried to make cookies like this before and it never fails that there's a pocket of air in there somewhere. Feeling unsure about the log, I kept reading. Dorie anticipated my questioning and pointed a tip for making logs. Basically you use the parchment paper to put pressure on the dough. It worked like a charm. Thanks, Dorie!

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