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The Resistance Diner: United We Dream Fundraiser

Last Sunday, I went to a fundraiser for United We Dream, put on by the Resistance Diner. The Resistance Diner has been hosting monthly dinners since the presidential election. Each month, a small team of passionate activists pick a cause to raise money for, find a venue, and hosts a four course dinner (with allergy modifications for those who need them). I've been invited to all of them, but this is the first time I decided to go out and support The Resistance Diner.

The dinner was hosted by Comal Heritage Food Incubator. Comal is partners with Focus Points, a non-profit that serves families in the Globeville and Elyira-Swansea neighborhoods here in Denver. Prior to The Resistance Diner, I hadn't heard of Comal. Their goal is to provide skills in culinary arts and business to women who have come here from various countries for a multitude of reason. Before the dinner, a member spoke on behalf of Comal. She and her mother are originally from Syria, and on Fridays, you can go to Comal and learn about their traditions through their food (that's when they cook!).

The setting was intimate--Comal has four community tables. We sat at a table and got to know the people dining with us.

I wish I'd taken a photo of the menu because I can't remember the exact details of each dish, but I did take pictures and can vaguely describe them.

The first course was a soup made with fresh vegetables from that morning's farmer's markets. The strongest flavors in the soup were cucumber and dill. It was creamy and quite refreshing.

The second course was my favorite (I LOVE bread). A chewy piece of bread topped with pickled mushrooms and onion, I could've eaten a whole loaf.

The main dish was braised short ribs with polenta, carrots, and a small salad. This dish had two stars: the polenta and the short ribs. The polenta had the perfect polenta texture--both creamy and chewy. The inclusion of sweet, whole corn kernels added a bit of texture. The short ribs were cooked to melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction. Although these were the stars of the dish, the carrots and the salad were strong supporting sides.

Last, but not least, we have dessert. A scoop of sorbet and a piece of white chocolate accompanied a hazelnut tuile. The tuile was my favorite part about this dish. The crunchy cookie was a good end to the evening.

Look for more dinners hosted by The Resistance Diner to support groups in our community. I hope to see you at a dinner.

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