• Ashley Margaret Waterman

Tea Sweets: Half-Moon Shaped Rice Cakes

Mondays are for tea.

I gather with friends in a four and a half mat tea house at Naropa University to learn the way of the tea. I've been going every week for a little over a month now. Although I began attending for the socialization and caffeine, I keep going back because I enjoy learning and it's relaxing. Before entering the tea house, I take off my jewelry, put on white socks, and make sure my phone is locked away in my car. From 3-7 p.m., I focus on what is happening in the moment.

My friend, Sarah, got me involved in tea. Naturally, she invited me to her house to make tea sweets. We made Songpyeon, or half-moon shaped rice cakes. Although our half-moons aren't quite as beautiful as Hyosun Ro's, they held together and were pretty tasty.

These sweets were pretty simple, but should you try to make them on your own, I have a few notes.

  1. Don't attempt to steam them in the rice cooker using the "cake" setting. The rice cooker will hold them prisoner for about an hour and turn them into salty and sweet goo.

  2. Put lots of flour on your hands. If the dough sticks and rips, it's difficult to patch.

  3. Although they were delicious eaten immediately, they were better the next day at tea. This could be because tea makes everything better, but their extended deliciousness is worth mentioning.

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