• Ashley Margaret Waterman

If I Bake It, Will I Like It?

Boston cream pie; I've never liked it. There's something about the consistency of pastry cream that just doesn't jive with me. Combining heavy cream, sugar, flour, salt, vanilla, and egg yolks sounds heavenly, but the resulting goop is gross.

Instead, I prefer my pastries to be filled with Bavarian cream or buttercream. But what's the difference between pastry and Bavarian, you ask? It's custard versus a set cream. Pastry cream remains runny; you bite into a Boston cream doughnut and it goes everywhere. Bavarian cream uses gelatin to achieve a more frosting-like texture.

I dislike custard, therefore I dislike Boston cream. Despite this, I made vegan Boston cream pie cupcakes. The logic was if I make it, and make it vegan, I will like it. This logic was false.

To make the cupcakes vegan, I used this recipe. The sponge was soft, moist, and didn't cave in. When baking vegan, it's easy to end up with a cake that looks like a sinkhole. This recipe is by far my favorite vegan vanilla cupcake.

I wasn't a fan of the vegan pastry cream and I fully believe this is because of my strong dislike of pastry cream. The consistency was right, but I preferred bites of the cupcake that didn't have pastry cream at all.

Ganache is easy. Heat some nondairy milk on the stove; pour it over some chocolate; let it sit and get all melty, then stir it until it's smooth and let it cool completely. The cooling completely bit is crucial. You don't want your ganache to be chocolate syrup when you're trying to dip cupcakes in it. This ganache is a dark chocolate candy bar, chopped up and combined with coconut cream.

I did not enjoy the vegan Boston cream cupcakes, but perhaps you will.

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