• Ashley Margaret Waterman

Eating Our Way Through New York City

Last Friday, Sam and I flew to New Jersey to celebrate--his friends were getting married. Because I hate being that close to New York City and not taking a trip to the Strand, I made sure we had plans to hang out in the city. Of course these plans revolved around eating.

The wedding was on Sunday. I didn't snap any food photos at the wedding, but I should have. The food exceeded my expectations. Even what I couldn't eat looked good. When we entered the reception, each person had a caprese salad waiting for them. I ate the tomato and passed my mozzarella to Sam. The second course was pasta in a vodka sauce. There was probably dairy in it, but I ate some of it anyway. It was terrific and I didn't die. For the main course, you had two choices. I can't remember what the first choice was because the second one, steak with sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts, was delicious.

Monday we took the train from Tarrytown to NYC. The eating began with a banh mi (top left). Each banh mi was a full baguette. The bread was the perfect combination of soft and crunchy. After spending some time at the Strand, we decided to head to Turntable Chicken Jazz for Korean fried chicken. We started with kimchi and fries (top right). The kimchi had a good kick. I liked eating it on top of my fries. Our fried chicken (bottom left) arrived shortly after. If you haven't had Korean fried chicken, find a restaurant that serves it and hit it up this weekend. This fried chicken was flavorful, juicy, and perfectly cooked. This is my new favorite fried chicken.

Despite the food coma, I couldn't wait for dessert. I contemplated going to my favorite vegan bakery, but thought I'd try a new place. One of Sam's friends made a few suggestions, and we decided to stop at The Cinnamon Snail before getting the train back to New Jersey.

I was hoping for some cupcakes, but they didn't have any. What they did have were doughnuts. After much deliberation, I chose the peanut butter cookie party, the pumpkin filled, the pumpkin pecan, and a blackberry fig. Although I wanted to take a bite out of each while we were on the train, I waited until we were back at the house. Sam, his parents, and I had a doughnut tasting.

First, we ate the pumpkin pecan. The doughnut was dense and didn't have any flavors that stood out to me. All of the doughnuts were the same base.

A bit disappointed, we moved on to the blackberry fig. The fruit flavors gave the doughnut a flavor that left me wanting another bite. This doughnut began to redeem the first.

The third doughnut we dished up was the pumpkin filled. I can't remember what they actually called this doughnut at the shop, but I expected all the goodness of a perfect pumpkin pie. The filling was pumpkin, but I thought it could've used some spices.

We saved the biggest doughnut for last. The peanut butter cookie party--a doughnut covered in chocolate, filled with peanut butter, and topped with pieces of Oreo--had the most promise. The topping was spot on with the doughnut acting as a vehicle for the chocolate and peanut butter. I knew I'd like this one based off of the toppings, and I wasn't surprised that I liked this topping the best. What I didn't like was how the doughnut was "filled." When I think of a filled doughnut, I think of Bavarian or Boston cream--a doughnut that is oozing with filling on the inside. These doughnuts were nothing like that. Rather than filled, they were topped. Perhaps I saw them and assumed they were filled rather than topped, but I was disappointed nonetheless.

When I purchased the doughnuts, I remarked that if I lived in NYC and frequented Penn Station, I'd stop for doughnuts regularly. Although I liked aspects of the doughnuts, I wasn't completely satisfied. I felt they could've been better. The plus side was that everything at The Cinnamon Snail is vegan.

Even though the doughnuts left me wanting, I'd give The Cinnamon Snail another try with some of their savory food and other baked goods.

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