• Ashley Margaret Waterman


Sam and I were searching Postmates for dinner one night. We usually use Postmates when we haven't planned dinner that night or there's been a lot going on. It's nice to have almost any type of food delivered. When I opened the app, I saw a new on Postmates section. Included in this was Cream--a custom ice cream sandwich place. Since we were looking for dinner options, I kept scrolling but made a mental note for future Ashley.

Cream felt like a place I would want to go to rather than have delivered. They're a 10 minute drive from the house so I'm not too concerned that my ice cream would melt before it got to me, but I wanted to see this place for myself. We went one afternoon before grocery shopping.

Cream at Belmar is relatively new. It's strategically placed a few doors down from CorePower Yoga (but it wasn't there when I had a membership, or you would've heard about this sooner). Each ice cream sandwich is made to order. First, you have to pick a base. You can choose a cookie (available in all it's glutenous glory, vegan, OR gluten-free), brownie, Do'sant (doughnut + croissant), waffle, or mini cookie. I chose vegan chocolate cookies and Sam got waffle. The cookies were just the right warmth and his waffle was made fresh. Then, pick your ice cream flavor. At my location, there were two vegan options: soy blueberry and soy mint chocolate chip. I chose mint chocolate chip and Sam decided on pistachio delight. Finally, you pick your topping. I added Oreos and Sam got gummy bears. These were some epic ice cream sandwiches.

It was nice to be able to go somewhere that understood I don't eat dairy. Before the Cream employee made my sandwich, she asked if my non-dairy dessert was due to an allergy. When I said yes, she changed her gloves to avoid contaminating my dairy-free dessert.

With food allergies, it's the little things that count.

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