• Ashley Margaret Beardsley

Cookies for Weeks

This holiday I made more cookies than I realized. Making cookies isn't my favorite--I'd much rather make cakes/cupcakes--but Christmas for me means dozens of cookies (and a few other baked goods). This year I made chocolate chip cookie cups with peanut butter frosting, cutout cookies, ninjabread men, sand tarts, and chocolate Italian cookies. I also made a touch-of-crunch chocolate cake with poached cherries and honey-nut nougat as part of baking with the Tuesdays with Dorie group. I managed to fit all of the baked goods on one table along with a whiskey sour punch. I didn't make Mexican wedding balls and I'm still craving anise flavored cookies and figs; though I missed these cookies this holiday, I don't regret not making them.

For the first time I professed I was tired of baking. The fall semester ended and I transitioned from being on campus Monday through Friday to making a baking schedule and stacking books in piles as part of putting together my primary and secondary reading lists for the upcoming semester. I didn't really take a break--I almost never do--and even baking began feeling like a chore. As I was about to start baking a batch of red velvet cupcakes and Mexican wedding balls I looked at the piles of cookies and the clock. I'd been reading all day and it was now almost 8 p.m. I decided to call it quits and officially end the holiday baking, saving myself from another late night in the kitchen.

We shared baked goods with friends on December 21 to resurrect my annual holiday party. Though I was happy to bake and have friends over to celebrate the holiday season, my cookies tired me out.

I finally took a few days away from exam and teaching prep to binge the latest season of The Crown with Sam. I was worried the kitchen was becoming just another part of my to-do list but last weekend I sat down to read Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook (a birthday gift I didn't have time to enjoy until after the semester). I found savory and sweet recipes that made me excited to bake and blog in the new year.

I look forward to continuing to share recipes and my experience in the kitchen in 2020. For now, I'll try to enjoy the rest of my winter break before I return to teaching and marathon reading sessions.

Whiskey Sour Punch, taped in the back of my grandma's recipe book


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