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Chicken & Noodles

Chicken & Noodles

1 package skinless, boneless chicken breast

1/2 yellow onion

3 stalks of celery

salt and pepper to taste

1 pint dairy-free half and half*

1 bag egg noodles

Dice the onion and chop the celery.

Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces.

Saute the onion, celery, and chicken until the chicken is fully cooked.

While the chicken is cooking, cook the noodles according to the package.

Once everything is ready, add the noodles to the onion, celery, and chicken.

Pour in the cream, mix, and enjoy!

*I used Coffee Mate's new Natural Bliss plant based half & half, which is a mix of coconut cream and almond milk. If you haven't given it a try yet, I highly recommend it. A subtle coconut aftertaste exists if you taste the half and half on its own, but in the dish, the coconut practically disappeared.

If you're not dairy-free, you could use half and half or make it richer with heavy whipping cream.

Growing up, chicken and noodles was one of my favorite dishes. My mom would ask what I wanted to eat next week and chicken and noodles was a guaranteed suggestion for one meal. My dad always knew when I was coming home from college because my mom had a pot of chicken and noodles on the stove. It might not seem like the most amazing dish ever, but eating a bowl and using a piece of bread as a utensil was the best.

The last time I had chicken and noodles was probably eight years ago. I've been without my favorite food for almost a decade! After cutting dairy out of my diet, I accepted that I couldn't eat chicken and noodles. I'm not sure why it took me this long to realize that non-dairy products give me the option to relive my childhood; in 2019, non-dairy versions make it possible to enjoy almost any food.

I found a dairy-free half and half (made with coconut and almond) and while I felt skeptical as I cooked, the finished chicken and noodles made me feel like a kid. It didn't taste as good as my mom's, usually made with heavy whipping cream rather than half and half, but it satisfied my childhood food craving. The next childhood favorite to find is a dairy-free version of something on toast (what I called putting the canned chicken a'la king on toast).

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