• Ashley Margaret Waterman

An After-Moving Feast

This past weekend was hectic. Even when you're moving, you still need to eat. Saturday, after teaching, I helped Sam load up a UHaul because WE'RE MOVING INTO A HOUSE! A month ago we began house hunting. If you've ever looked for a house, you know how exhausting it is. We saw a few we thought were going to fall over, and then we got lucky.

On March 24, we closed on a house we both love. With Sam's lease up April 18, this past weekend was the only weekend we had to move the big things. We loaded up the UHaul Saturday afternoon. While I had a coffee meeting for a side gig Sunday morning, Sam began unpacking. The UHaul was unloaded and returned, and I got to cooking!

Sunday was Easter. Although I'm not a religious person, I participate in Easter by eating candy and cooking a ham. This Easter was to be no different. I threw a ham in the oven–simply scored and coated in my mom's secret ingredient (ginger ale)–and made a spinach and artichoke quiche.

Although the ham and quiche were tasty–side note: if you're making the quiche using only non-dairy milk, use less than the recipe calls for. I found that it was still a little soggy in the middle and I just couldn't get it to bake properly–the meal wouldn't be complete without dessert. As if the day wasn't crazy enough, I decided to make raspberry soufflés–a dessert I've never made before.

Topped with raspberries and a little raspberry violet jam.

These soufflés were not perfect, probably because I filled the ramekins a bit too much, but they were rather tasty. Since I only needed dessert for two, I cut the recipe in half and filled both ramekins with all the batter. The raspberry flavor was spot on and the soufflé was airy with bits of caramelized goodness.

Don't be intimidated by soufflés. If you can whip egg whites to make meringues, you can make a soufflé.

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