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TWD: Cream Cheese and Toast Tartlets

Embarking on my second bake for TWD, I want to take a minute and acknowledge why I'm baking along with the group. I'm a second-year PhD student studying rhetoric and writing studies at the University of Oklahoma. One of my research interests is community literacy and food (cookbooks, recipes, cooking/baking, sharing, etc.). I'm currently working on a project to begin understanding how cooking/baking occurs digitally and the writing practices involved. Prior to this semester I was an occasional reader of TWD, but I hadn't commented or made anything. After hearing Dorie on Radio Cherry Bombe, I began to wonder what I could learn about online cooking communities by actively participating in TWD. Blogging about my experience only seemed natural since I try to post on Type & Cakes weekly (and have been doing so off and on since T&C began in 2014).

The second October bake from BCM is a cream cheese and toast tartlet. Last bake, I made the Petite Apple Croustades. I opted for the apple croustades because 1) I didn't have any tartlet (or a tart) pan and 2) the recipe made six croustades and that's the exact number of people I was baking for.

This bake began by trying to acquire tartlet pans. I looked for them at Target last week and Bed Bed & Beyond this week but ended up ordering a set of 5" tart pans from Amazon. They arrived just in time for me to bake and post.

The tartlet recipe is rather interesting--it has a crunchy bread topping that is quite elusive. I was inspired by A Whisk & A Spoon's use of Cinnamon Toast Crunch instead of the bread. Like last week, I also wanted to add more of a fall flavor.

My pumpkin spice cream cheese and pumpkin spice Cheerio tartlets are the perfect blend between breakfast and dessert. For the pumpkin spice cream cheese, I used the Silk Pumpkin Spice Almond creamer and plain Kite Hill cream cheese. I ate my tartlets for breakfast while my husband thought they were a better dessert. For those who like a bit of sugar in the morning, this tart goes great with a hot mug of dark roast coffee.

While my adaptation this week isn't vegan (the sweet tart dough uses one egg yolk) this dairy-free tart makes me want to bake tarts on a regular basis.

To see what other TWD bakers made this week, visit Tuesdays with Dorie.

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