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Cookie Cake

It's no secret that I love chocolate chip cookies. As a kid, I ate Chips Ahoy by the bag. Although I no longer view these as the best chocolate chip cookies available to me, I get nostalgic remembering eating sleeve after sleeve of those cookies. Now, if I want a chocolate chip cookie, I bake it myself.

You've seen my recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies. Today, we take those cookies to the next level: cookie cake.

As you walked around the supermarket before the Fourth of July, you saw red, white, and blue frosting on every baked good. One of those baked goods was a cookie the size of a pie. You stared at it, wanting to eat the entire cookie, but you didn't buy one. Maybe you didn't buy one because you have food allergies and can't eat any of the pastries at the supermarket, or maybe you didn't want to give into temptation. If you didn't buy the cookie cake because of food allergies, don't feel left out! Cookie cakes are still for you.

If you can make a chocolate chip cookie, you can make a chocolate chip cookie cake!

How to Turn the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe into a Cookie Cake Recipe

The steps are simple.

  1. Grease a pizza pan and set it aside.

  2. Follow the best chocolate chip cookie recipe up to the part about spooning dough into large cookies.

  3. Instead of forming cookies, take all of your cookie dough and mold it into one ball.

  4. On the pizza pan, spread out the cookie with your hands. Similar to baking a pizza crust, make sure the cookie is spread around the pan evenly. Don't go all the way to the edges as the cookie will expand when baking. Leave about a 1/4" around the edge.

  5. Bake the cookie for 9-11 minutes. Even though the cookie is one large cookie, it's best to not overbake. The America cookie cake baked for 11 minutes and although it was still delicious, it would've been a softer cookie cake at 9 minutes. Bake until the cookie is your desired cookie texture.

  6. If you're not frosting, eat that cookie cake warm! Throw some ice cream on there and go to town. If you are frosting your cookie cake, you'll have to practice patience. While you're allowing the cookie cake to cool completely, whip up a batch of vegan buttercream frosting. Pipe the frosting onto the cookie cake in any design you'd like.

I made this one for our Fourth of July celebration. I'm glad we had friends over because I could've eaten the whole thing by myself.

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