• Ashley Margaret Waterman

1870–1899: Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake

For the past two weeks, all I've wanted is chocolate cake. I could've made a chocolate sweet potato cake; however, I decided to turn to American Cake. The next cake in the book was the answer to my cake craving: chocolate sauerkraut cake.

I opted to make the cake gluten-free. I thought I might like to share it, and being allergy aware is the best way to share goodies with your coworkers.

In the book, the original recipe calls for sour cream frosting. This time around, I made the chocolate fudge frosting. Not only was it simple and quick, but it was the fudgiest chocolate frosting I've ever made.

The cake itself was good; however, because I made it gluten-free, the sponge was crumbly. This is a common issue with gluten-free goodies. This just means it needed more wet stuff. Sometimes, adding extra egg fixes this solution. Next time, I might try putting in a bit of apple sauce to see if that helps.

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