• Ashley Margaret Waterman

Delete to feed

If my Instagram photos were made into a physical album, you'd have a cookbook the size of one volume of the Oxford English Dictionary. Most of my photos are shots of treats I've made, or meals I've enjoyed. Every once in a while I'll post a selfie or photos with other people in them, but for the most part, my photos and my life center around food.

A couple of weeks ago, Sam posted this on my Facebook wall:

Since joining Instagram in 2012, I've posted 752 times. Not every post contains food, but the majority of them do. Snapping a photo after I've made something I'm proud of makes me even happier, but Sam was right; I could feet a lot of hungry children.

According to Delete to Feed, one in six children in the United States do not know if they'll have anything to eat for breakfast tomorrow, lunch today, or dinner the rest of the week. I am fortunate enough that I've never had to worry about being hungry. Growing up, there was more than enough for me to eat. I even enjoyed the weekly McDonald's as a kid and Taco Bell as a teenager. When I was in grad school, my mom often sent me snacks in the mail and my dad occasionally put money in my bank account for groceries. Because food was plentiful for me, I never stopped to think about those who were hungry.

For every food photo I delete on Instagram, Land o' Lakes donates eleven meals. They're turning photos into food.

At first, I selfishly remarked that I couldn't delete the best food photos--they're for my blog. As I sat down to write this and delete some food porn, I realized how absurd my reaction was. They're just photos. The photos promote content on my blog, but deleting my photos of food on Instagram does not delete the writing--does not delete the memories.

Although I didn't delete all of the food photos on my account--a limited amount of photos to delete shows up when you use #DeletetoFeed--my Instagram is twenty-two photos lighter. By deleting photos, I helped donate 242 meals to people who are hungry.

How many people can you feed?

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