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Chicken Katsu

Asian food is normally one cuisine I don't attempt to make at home. As much as I enjoy eating it, I have no formal training. Some of the ingredients are things I don't know how to cook with. It's easier to go to a restaurant and enjoy food made by people who have the right equipment and know the ingredients.

When meal planning, I frequently tell Sam to go through the cookbooks and bookmark what he'd like for dinner. He marked chicken katsu. The recipe looked difficult (it was from a paleo cookbook and involved making your own sauce and using pork rinds). Sam told me that it was actually quite simple.

How to make chicken katsu without making it complicated

1 lb chicken breast

1 cup flour

1 cup panko

1 egg

Cut the chicken breasts so they're not too thick. Heat some canola or vegetable oil in a pan. Put the flour, panko, and egg in separate bowls. Season the flour and panko with salt and pepper. Dredge the chicken in the flour, egg, and then the panko. When the oil's hot enough, fry the breaded chicken (about 8 minutes). Slice and put on top of a bed of rice. Top with the katsu Bulldog sauce.

Chicken katsu is basically Japanese chicken tenders. I highly recommend trying them the next time you find yourself looking for something different, yet deliciously fried, to make.

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