• Ashley Margaret Waterman

Baker's Cousin: the dessert subscription box.

There is a subscription box for every type of person. For moms on the go. For gluten-free kids. It makes sense that there's a subscription box for baked goods!

A while back, I started following Baker's Cousin on Instagram. I stumbled across them while binging on food photos. I began tagging them in some of my food photos, hoping they'd comment or repost.

Eventually, it happened; Baker's Cousin saw my gluten-free cinnamon rolls Instagram photo and commented on it. I don't have thousands of followers, but this felt like a benchmark for me. I received an email from Baker's Cousin with a code to receive my first box from them for free. I was intrigued. For the cost of shipping ($6.00), I signed up to receive one box of goodies. Normally, this would've cost $21.95 plus shipping. For six dollars, I was willing to give it a try.

The Baker's Cousin motto is You Create It. We Bake It. You Taste It. Their website tells you how it works, lets you submit a recipe, and lets you register to become a taster. Every month, a box of baked goods can arrive at your door.

I forgot a box was on its way to me. Last week, I arrived home to a purple box on my doorstep. I squealed, ripping it open as soon as I got in the door. The box contained four small boxes, each with a delicious treat. Cards with photos of the baked goods accompanied the boxes. I was under the impression they would be recipe cards, but the flip side was blank. Spicy chocolate chip cookies, a brownie, and two different mini bundt cakes tempted me.

The amount of baked goods in the box impressed me. There were several cookies and cakes, and the brownie was a generous size. The cookies called my name first. They had a nice chili flavor whit a bit of cinnamon. They were a bit crumbly for my liking, but the flavor was on point. Next, I ate the brownie. Fudgey, gooey, brownie perfection satisfied my chocolate craving. The first bunt cake I bit was the one pictured in the top right photo. It was lemony, but I couldn't get past the texture. Soggy. I set it aside and bit into the second cake flavor––a cake that tasted kind of maple-based. It too was soggy. When glazed goods sit over night, they often absorb the glaze and develop a sogg. Both cake flavors weren't a texture I found appealing.

The website lists Baker's Cousin as beta, which leads me to believe some of the issues I had with the website were because they're still testing it out. I went to look for the recipes––mainly so I could gauge the amount of dairy in each dessert––and couldn't find them. Their recipe page has a lot of delicious looking baked goods I want to try, but none of the pictures were the treats I found in my box. I decided to eat the baked goods anyway. I couldn't pass up tasting desserts that were delivered to my door. The how it works tab also indicates you'll be able to rank your faves. It's unfortunate I can't rank my favorite, but at least I can blog about the experience. The third and final disappointment on the website is there isn't an announcement about the themes for the baking competitions. I can submit recipes, but it appears that at this point, there is not a themed competition (despite the fact that a lot of the recipes have the same ingredients––maybe I missed something). This is a downer. As I continue to hone my baking skills, I want to challenge myself with recipe assignments. Hopefully Baker's Cousin will continue to gain traction and all of the features promised on their website will be presented.

Overall, this was a fun box to receive. I enjoyed most of the baked goods and the flavors were unique. It was worth the try, but I think I'll wait to see where they go before I sign up for another box.

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