• Ashley Margaret Waterman

America's Birthday

As I work with homemade fondant, I appreciate yet hate it. My homemade marshmallow fondant doesn't look nearly as smooth as the Clean & Simple Cake Design's teacher's does, or commercial fondant. I asked the class and will report back when I receive some tips about making and rolling out fondant.

After covering my first round cake in fondant last week, I had a bunch left. I wrapped it to use on a cake for Sword'Merica: a housewarming party and Fourth of July celebration. Because there was about a week in-between events, the fondant wasn't easy to roll. If you're fondant is a bit crusty or hard, separate it into chunks and zap it for about seven seconds. Warming it just a bit makes it malleable again.

A four-layer, 9-inch white cake with red, white, and blue sprinkles was crumb coated and chilling in the fridge. Every once in a while I use box cake mix. When you're baking as much as I am and need to save a little bit of money, box mixes can be used to bake cakes for decorating practice. Two white cake mixes, without milk in the mix, cost about $5 to make--excluding homemade buttercream, but factoring in that there were eggs in the fridge and oil in the pantry.

The cake was covered in fondant, but it looked sloppy. I think its appearance was caused by the semi-old fondant and my developing-but-still-elementary fondant skills. I piped a bunch of buttercream roses to hide the most hideous spots.

Looking at the finished product, it wasn't a cake I'd try to sell in a bakery display case, but it was alright. My friends were happy to eat it (and the cake pops covered in vegan white chocolate made from cake scraps).

Sword'Merica was a smash hit. The Fourth of July is one of Sam's favorite holidays. When I asked him why, he basically said it's a birthday party. I love celebrating anything, but birthdays are the best. When figuring out what to put on the cake, I went with Happy Birthday 'Merica. I was excited to celebrate with my friends and make a cake for the special occasion.

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