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Setting up a cupcake tasting

I'll never bake for another wedding.

That's what I said in October 2014. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy baking for the wedding–it was more that weddings are huge events. My first wedding went well and after a friend said she was getting married, I messaged her to see if she needed a baker. She accepted my offer to bake for her special day and I set up my first cupcake tasting.

How I set up my first cupcake tasting

Meet with bride and groom to discuss flavors.

After meeting with the couple, options seemed endless! Jen and Chris gave flavor ideas, but I felt confident; they trusted my baking abilities. Still, I set up a tasting just to make sure.

Cut cupcake recipes in half.

I certainly didn't need full batches of cupcakes for a tasting! I cut my recipes in half ahead of time so that when it came time to bake, I didn't have to think about dividing fractions.

Bake cupcakes in shifts.

In one day, I baked Mexican chocolate, German chocolate, and strawberry shortcake. This wasn't too much baking because the recipes were halved; however, I'm glad I decided to bake the carrot cake a different day. This allowed me time to make frosting, let the cakes cool completely before frosting, and remove the layer of powdered sugar that covered my kitchen.

Frost and display cakes.

With everything cooled, I frosted my cupcakes. I don't have fancy plates, so I set the cupcakes up in a row across a paper towel and put a plate and fork for eating on the side. Although this wasn't the fanciest way to display the cupcakes, I still thought they looked pretty good.

Put on the coffee.

Why invite friends over for a cupcake tasting and not make coffee? A fresh pot enhanced cupcake flavors and was the perfect addition.

Get the feedback from the tasters.

My cupcake tasters loved everything. After the tasting, I committed to five cupcakes–four actual cake flavors, but guests can choose between German chocolate with vanilla buttercream or German chocolate with chocolate buttercream. The decision to have all the cupcakes felt right.

I'll let you know how the cupcake baking and eating went after the wedding, but if the tasting is an indication of how the cake will go over, I expect great things.

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