• Ashley Margaret Waterman

Bridal Brunch

This past weekend was full of brunch: Jelly on Friday, Tangerine on Saturday, and The Egg and I on Sunday. Although Jelly is easily my favorite breakfast spot at the moment, I'm going to tell you guys about Tangerine.

Breakfast foods are among my favorite food options. Dippy eggs (or sunny-side up) and toast is a breakfast go-to. I am also addicted to pancakes. Plain, blueberry, chocolate chip...the list goes on. Just thinking about their fluffy texture and maple syrup makes me drool.

Saturday, I ate a flight of gluten-free pancakes.

The wedding I'm baking for is fast approaching! Remember that test cake from Because We Like Cake Too? (I'm mentally preparing myself for the approaching bake-a-thon while promoting my lemon cake) To celebrate the bride, we gathered for brunch. When Elyse (the most thoughtful bride ever) and I were talking about brunch, I suggested a few places. Tangerine was one of them, and neither of us had been there, so naturally I called to see if they take reservations.

Tangerine takes reservations for parties between eight and eleven people. I made the reservation for 11am and began perusing their online menu. Their menu clearly marks all of the gluten-free options. I had so many choices!

I went back and forth between the Green Eggs and Ham Benedict and pancakes. My mind was made up when I saw I could get a pancake flight! Because I can do a small amount of dairy--if it's baked in a delicious pancake--I opted for the pancake flight. I chose cinnamon butter and poached fig syrup, pear sauce, and blueberry syrup as my toppings, but this wasn't all. I asked our helpful waitress/photographer what the fresh baked pastries were. They had two gluten-free options: a pumpkin muffin and a chocolate chip scone. I HAD to have a scone.

I was full of breakfast goodness. Everything was good, but I noted that my scone could have been crumblier and my pancakes fluffier. This is not to say that I was disappointed, or that I won't return to Tangerine. The toppings on my flight were enough to bring me back. I would eat the cinnamon butter and fig syrup on anything!

Brunch is a time for eating, drinking, and gathering with friends. Tangerine is the perfect venue for a satisfying brunch date.

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