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Four Cupcakes & a Baguette

This week's gluten-free adventure was highly anticipated. Although I love to bake for myself, it's important to taste the gluten-free, dairy-free options that are out there. I took a trip to Kim & Jake's.

A gluten-free coworker texted me a while back after going to Kim & Jake's. She said they had the most delicious gluten-free vegan cupcakes, as well as fresh baguettes. I made a mental note that I would have to experience this gluten-free establishment. Mental notes are never as good as physical ones. Although I had not forgotten that their cupcakes were waiting for me, I did not seek them out. It wasn't until June that I began craving a gluten-free experience at this establishment.

I was making gf pasta and wanted nice bread to accompany my meal. I decided to head to Whole Foods. They have a pretty solid selection of gf bread, and I figured I could find what I was looking for. I walked to the bakery and over to the wall-o-gluten-free-bread-product. Seeing familiar names (Udi's, Canyon Bakehouse, etc.) a bag of dinner rolls caught my attention. They were gf rosemary/thyme. The name on the bag said Kim & Jake's. I couldn't hide my excitement. I had expected to find gluten-free bread, but THIS bread was from a local bakery! I promptly put the bag in my cart and made my way to the nearest cashier.

The rolls were perfect. The bag told me I could warm them in the oven and they would be soft on the inside and a little crunchy on the outside. The smell of fresh bread warmed my kitchen while I cooked my pasta.

Fast forward to this week. I planned time to go to Kim & Jake's on South Broadway. I wanted cupcakes and thought a baguette would be a solid lunch time choice. I was not disappointed. Upon leaving the shop, I had a box of cakes and a very large, still warm, gluten-free and vegan baguette.

One spiced carrot (full-size), one chocolate, one almond poppy, and one macchiato (mini); all gluten-free & vegan.

I went for the spiced carrot first, then devoured the minis.

Each cupcake was its own special experience. I began with the spiced carrot because that was my first cupcake choice upon entering Kim & Jake's. I couldn't help but smell it first. Everything about the cake smelled heavenly. It only got better after biting into it. It was moist, full of spices, and had the perfect frosting-to-cupcake ratio. I could have stopped there, but what's the fun in that?!

My second flavor was almond poppy. The poppy seeds were plentiful. Their delightful crunch added to the texture of the cake. Although I thought the cake itself was a bit dry, this cake also had the perfect frosting-to-cupcake ratio. I took a small bite without the frosting to just taste the cake. It was still delightful, but the combination of their vegan buttercream and this little almond poppy treat was spot-on.

I went for the chocolate third. I have never tasted a better chocolate cupcake (I even shared a bite with my roommate. When I walked in the door, he asked if he could have some gf bread. I could have beat him over the head with the baguette for even asking, but the cupcake was so good that I had to share). I know I'm using the word "perfect" a lot here, but that is what this cupcake was. There was no weird gf gummy mouth feeling--just pure chocolate delight.

I saved the macchiato for last. Mixing my first love (cupcakes) with my second (coffee) just seemed the best way to end this sugar-filled morning. Did I mention that it was just after 10am when I had this adventure?

The balance of flavors in the macchiato was stunning. Each bite had the right amount of sweetness and coffee. For the cupcake lover who enjoys coffee, I think this was a perfect marriage. For the cupcake lover whose life force is dark roasted, the coffee flavor was just okay; however, I was pleased with my last bite. I could have eaten each mini cupcake in one bite, but I wanted to savor them. I left the coffee bean for my last taste. Crunching into the bean at the same time as the cake and frosting, I was full of caffeinated cake love.

Though not pictured here, the baguette is just as pleasing as the dinner roles and sweet treats. The fresh bread is being used to make delicious breakfast sandwiches, but I'm mostly slicing off chunks and eating it by itself.

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